Clean water is just the beginning of our approach to alleviating poverty. The next step is to educate the community, partner with the local school, and build a brighter future for students’ education. We believe that coming alongside the school, whether through physical repairs to the school or supporting them with materials and resources, will help transform the community.

Learn more about our programs and how they each assist with moving the community from dependency to sustainability.

Training with a Purpose

From visiting communities and speaking with community leaders we have found that the following numbers of well have been drilled and fallen into disrepair in Nicaragua.

  • Granada, Nicaragua - 35
  • Masaya, Nicaragua - 4
  • Matagalpa, Nicaragua - over 250
  • Nadaime, Nicaragua - 26
  • Rivas, Nicaragua - 47

When the community's water well falls into disrepair, they are forced to collect water from their previous source, thus continuing the cycle of sickness and poverty.

Our solution to keep the water flowing after a water well is drilled, is to train and equip the community with the necessary tools to keep their well in optimal condition. During the 3 to 4 day training session, the staff will:

  • share the Gospel
  • distribute manuals
  • give instructional hands-on-experience with their well
  • assist the community with forming a water committee
  • provide financial training
  • setup supply chain
Classrooms with a Purpose

We will engage the local school and walk alongside teachers and administrators by lending a hand in making repairs, getting parents involved in their child’s education and providing them with much needed materials, supplies, etc. With new/updated resources, teachers will be better equipped to educate their students and help them succeed. Walking with a Purpose believes that success can happen by engaging teachers, as well as parents, encouraging them to get further involved in their children’s future by taking ownership and pride in their school. Our hope is to see teachers and parents working together to have a positive impact in their school and at home.

Church Trainings

As Christians, we believe that the Church can be a stabilizing force for good in a world that is increasingly hungry for the word of God. The Church can support people who are going through physical and spiritual difficulties (Matthew 25:35-36.), for this reason we believe that equipping church leaders would increase capacity and together they would serve their community.

Most pastors and local leaders in community churches have had very little training,if any, so our commitment as a christian community development organization is to come alongside our brothers and sisters and provide resources and training.

Most, if not all issues in communities (and our surrounding neighborhoods) are spiritually based. As we walk alongside church leaders to develop better ways to engage the community, hope will spark excitement in the local church. As the church strengthens and begins reaching out to individuals, lives are changed one by one. Marriages are renewed, families are strengthened. What was a spark ignited in the church leaders becomes a flame as the Holy Spirit uses renewed faith to grow a community closer to God and then to one another. As people love their neighbor as themselves then they begin to work together, helping to meet one another’s needs- spiritually, physically and emotionally. Problems get solved peacefully.

We believe that short-term teams can provide key training to various ministry specialties within the local church. North American churches have been blessed with leaders who have had the opportunities to develop great strategies for leading a variety of ministries including Men's, Women's, Children's, sports ministries and more. Our desire is to share that knowledge with local churches in Nicaragua and Honduras.