As followers of Christ, we believe we are called to share the gospel of Jesus with everyone. Our approach is to work alongside the local church to raise up local leaders. Investing in the local church with training and material resources will empower churches to take the lead in meeting both physical and spiritual needs in the community.

How will we build up the local church?

Through training and collaborating with short-term teams. Short-term teams will be able to provide key training, share information and experiences regarding a variety of ministries that operate within the church. We will not only equip pastors, but all members of the church with the necessary skills and tools to disciple and reach the lost.

Why is this important?

In the communities we serve, the church belongs to the community and Jesus calls everyone to share the Good News. By training all church leaders and members with necessary tools, it will ensure that the Gospel will continue to be shared after short-term teams leave and if church leadership would change.

At the end of the training, our hope is to see the church body focus on Christ and build authentic relationships with the community, and surrounding churches so that together, they can collaborate to meet needs and establish accountability.