Meet my Friend Jorge

"When you meet people you never know where that meeting will take you. When I met Jorge almost 3 years ago I never would have guessed the path we would be taking. It's had to rationalize our relationship in any other way then it was meant to be. From the first few days of knowing each other there was a strong connection and understanding of each other. Now years later we are embarking on a journey together that is exciting, scary and life changing. It takes faith, truth and love to go through this journey with a anyone, let alone someone thousands of miles away and countries apart. But it also has to do with who Jorge is, there is an authenticity when he speaks that is something I have never experienced. There is a warmth in him that is felt by everyone he comes in contact with, he makes you feel safe and loved immediately. There is no judgment or question he just offers compassion and empathy. I have never met someone with a soul like his. I'm so grateful to have him in my life and now be his partner in "Walking With A Purpose", everyday he makes me a better version of myself. "Walking With A Purpose" is going to change lives and communities and I can't think of a better person to do that with "

– Founder Lindsay Jewett

Meet my Friend Lindsay

"Over my life I have traveled and met a lot of amazing people. People that through the years I have blessed to partner and work with. I've been blessed in that sense. But a couple of years back I met this very colorful young lady, definitely stood out, not because of the tattoos or the colorful hair but because of her passion and heart for others. I have seen significant changes in her life all for the good of others, I have seen how's shes living her life to love and impact others. I am truly blessed and honored to consider myself a friend. I am excited for "Walking with a Purpose" for what it represents to many communities in Nicaragua, an opportunity to change lives but also that Lindsay and I can do this together. That we can team up and work together for a bigger purpose. We're not doing this because we want to change people (only God can do that) but we are doing this because God has changed us."

– Founder Jorge Alvarado