We believe storytelling is powerful! So, we want to share personal stories that reflect how God is walking alongside all of us. Here you will hear stories from the community, trip participants, and about the holistic work that is happening on the ground.

TITLE: Water Will Continue to Flow

AUTHOR: Maria Elena

TYPE: Community

76 year old Great-grandmother, shared with us as we trained her community to repair their own well. “I am very excited [about Training With A Purpose] because I know that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have water for many more generations. Even when I’m gone, I know that my community and family will have clean water.”

TITLE: True Community


TYPE: Honduras Trip Participant

She shared with us what she loved the most about her trip. “I loved being able to watch God work, and work alongside those who were all VERY different from me, and yet we complemented each other’s work perfectly. It was a week in which I experienced true community for one of the first times in my life”.

TITLE: Community Engagement

AUTHOR: Mary Jo H.

TYPE: Honduras Trip Participant

She loved “spending time with the community… the welcoming ladies & energized children warmed my heart!”