Today, 1 in 9 people lack access to safe, clean drinking water. With poor sanitation and low levels of access to safe water, water-related diseases have become prevalent, deterring economic growth and impeding children from going to school. Thus the cycle of poverty continues….

What if communities had access to safe, clean drinking water and were trained to maintain their own well? What if kids no longer missed school as a result of water-borne diseases?

We want to remove the “what ifs” and empower communities with access and knowledge to maintain their own water wells. By partnering with the local church, the first project with the community is establishing a safe, clean water source. With access to a functioning water well and proper hygiene practices, children can spend less time collecting water, as well as miss fewer school days due to water-borne diseases, and have the potential for a brighter future. Did you know that 443 million school days are missed because children spend time collecting water in place of going to school?

Together, let’s change that. Let’s empower communities to rewrite their stories--stories of transformation.

Walking with a Purpose drills water wells in communities where clean water is not available. This is done with the help of short-term teams, because we believe our work needs you! The team will work alongside the staff and community to drill a new borehole,and case and install an afridev hand pump. To learn more about walking with us on a short-term trip, click here:

Following the completion of the drilling, Walking with a Purpose staff conducts a 3 to 4 day training session--Training With A Purpose. During the sessions, the staff shares the Gospel, distributes manuals, gives instructional hands-on-experience with their well, and assists the community to setup a water committee. Read more about Training with a Purpose here:

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